General Information and FAQ's

General Studio Information

Our studio is located on the Cnr of Hi-Tech and Hogbin Drive, Toormina. Enter 1 Hi-Tech Drive, into your GPS and you will find us. We have parking out the front and are located right next door to a very yummy cafe…

Our studio is open by appointment only. Please email or use our contact form for the quickest response – alternatively call us on 02 6696 3440.

We have an air conditioned studio, with plenty of space to spread out, change tables for your bubbas, a small fridge, hot water, microwave etc.


Q:How much do you charge?  A: Our wedding photography starts at $1500, and our studio sessions start at $375. We also like to create packages just to suit you and what you want out of your photo session.

Q: Do you have payment plans?   A: Yes! We can set up a direct debit over a certain period of time, that will allow you to take your photos with you, and you can pay them off. We also allow you to set up monthly payments, however this acts like a layby service, where once fully paid off, you can then take your photos. Have a chat to us, and let’s come up with something that can help you.

Q:Do you offer discounts?   A: Usually, no. However, we do from time to time have special offers that bundle our services differently. These are usually around Mothers Day, Christmas and come in the form of 12 month vouchers.

Think about this: Financial concerns will come and go, but these portraits will last forever. If financial constraints are a big issue, please talk to us and let us help you get the beautiful images you want. 


Q: What are your prices?   A. Our photography packages are custom created.  If you’re serious about your wedding photography, call us to have a chat so you are only paying for things that you actually need and want! We do start at $1500 for our essentials coverage.

Q:Do I need to pay a deposit?     A: Yes, a 30% deposit of your chosen package is required upon booking, and the rest of the payments are spread out over a monthly period so it’s all paid off come your wedding day!

Q:Do you have a payment plan?   A: Yes! We require a 30% deposit, and then we set up monthly direct debit payments so you don’t need to worry about outlaying a large lump sum, and allows you to budget over time.

Q:How long do I wait for my images?     A: we will provide your images to you no later than 3 weeks after your wedding day. If you like, we can provide a sneak peek of your images via our blog/facebook page which you can then share with family and friends whilst you are waiting for the images to be processed.

Q:How many wedding photographers do you supply in your quotes?   A: Usually we talk about one photographer, however our packages are completely flexible to suit and we have more than one photographer available for you, talk to us and we can quote you!

Q:Will you photoshop my wrinkles and pimples from my wedding photos?     A: Unless you have ordered an album, all editing is very natural. Any images that are going into an album get a little bit of extra love and care, and it is at this stage, that we will definitely talk to you about extra photoshopping. Should you not order an album, but would still like that extra retouching, talk to us and we will quote you for that.

Q:I have a very large family – how do you manage the family photos?    A: We will always photograph the standard immediate family (i.e: Mum, Dad, siblings, grandparents) and then it’s up to you if you want photos with each Uncle/Aunt or if you just do a group family photo. If there are more combinations than the immediate family, then we ask you to create a list of combinations and share it with us. We will ask someone close to you on both sides to help us gather these people so there is no stress!

Q:Can I show you images that I love and want for my wedding day?  A: Yes! We often ask for a pinterest page or email dump of images that you love. This allows us to see how you want to be photographed. Whilst we won’t always copy these exactly, this allows us to blend our style of wedding photography with your desires.

Q:Do you travel and what are your costs?    A: Yes, we LOVE to travel! The costs depend on how far we have to go generally. If you want us to go back to Fiji or Tahiti, let’s talk about how we can incorporate it together!

Q:How do I go about booking with you?   A:Simply get in touch with us via our contact page, send us an email to or call the studio on 026696 3440


Q: We’ve never had a family portrait before – what do we do?   A: Fantastic!! I’m so happy you are cherishing your relationships! The first thing is to get in touch with us to determine where you want your photoshoot to take place, and then we can start designing it. We talk about your family, your personalities and then we aim to put together some ideas that capture who you are, in this moment in time.  Give us a call – 66963440 or email: to get started

Q: I need help with what to wear – do you advise?   A: Yes, we can help with clothing choices to reflect your type of session, and who you are!

Q:What if my child is ill -can we reschedule?   A:These things happen and yes, we absolutely encourage you to reschedule. It might be an inconvenience on everyone, but our aim is to capture beautiful images of your family, at this moment in time.. and you don’t want an image of a sick child on your walls. We provide a service, not a time slot, so if we need to reschedule we absolutely will. No additional charges.

Q:what about bad weather?    A: As above – we will reschedule. Our aim is to photograph your family EXACTLY the way you want, and if rain isn’t a part of that vision, then we try again when the sun is out.

Q:How soon do we get our images back?  A: within 2 weeks you will get a viewing of your images in a private online gallery, where you can view all your images. Depending on what products you’ve ordered, the amount of time will differ. Some of our products are handcrafted which means they will take a bit longer to arrive back to the studio.

Q: What products do you have?   A: We sell a range of canvas, and our biggest seller are our framed portraits. Always classic and suitable to suit any home, we can use one image, or combine multiple in a storyboard frame. All our packages include the images on USB so that you can print and send to loved ones, and share on social media.

Q: How much and how do I book?   A:Session prices are dependant on whether you want studio or on location and if you want an album or USB of images etc. Simply give us a call or email to book in a time and date and we will discuss what you are wanting your photos for, and we will package something accordingly.

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